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Regional Development

District and neighborhood management

mpr engages in various districts in Berlin since the beginning of the federal program “Social City” which aims to enhance the existing image. District and neighborhood management strengthens the local industry, stimulates potential and expands existing structures. Because of the counseling of entrepreneurs as well as actions new businesses settled. That means that new local jobs and places to train have been created.

mpr Unternehmensberatung has been active in the fields of regional development, location development and location marketing since 1994. We involved in the development of several commercial sites and provided expert opinions on site issues. Parallel to this, research projects on site-relevant developments we carried out.

We do most of our work in the Berlin-Brandenburg region. In addition, we are also active throughout Germany.

Are you planning to open up new markets, expand your business fields or are you looking for new locations?

mpr management consultancy clarifies the essential questions/ motivations and specifies the requirements in advance of decisions.

Potential and market analyses

For the expansion of their offer or the market launch of new products or services, mpr management consulting identifies essential criteria and develops guidelines together with them for the implementation of a potential and market analysis.

We analyse current relevant structural data in a regional context and evaluate the market opportunities. mpr management consulting shows you where the most promising potentials lie and at which locations you can start a meaningful market launch.

This ensures your company a sound basis for action and decision making for a meaningful market entry.

Location studies

By choosing a location, a company binds itself in the long term with high investments in a region.

mpr management consulting clarifies the essential questions / motivations and specifies the requirements in advance of a location decision.

mpr management consulting analyses selected locations in Germany with current structural data. They receive an assessment of the marketability of their company at a specific location. Not only demand, purchasing power and competition are important, but also whether your company has the necessary resources, e.g. skilled workers, at the location.

On this basis, you can make qualified location decisions. These offer you valuable insights and far-reaching options before making important decisions.

Settlement management

We support you in the implementation, negotiate with relevant actors and steer your project towards its goal.

mpr management consultancy establishes the necessary contacts to decision makers.

We organize on-site visits with relevant actors. We sound out support and promotion in the region.

Then we design your roadmap for the settlement and accompany you until the legally binding securing of your location.

We have performed commercial projects in these neighborhoods since 1989.

Schöneberger Norden: www.schoeneberger-norden.de
Richardplatz Süd: www.richard-quartier.de
Ganghofer Straße: www.qm-ganghofer.de
Sparrplatz: www.sparrplatz-quartier.de
Kottbusser Tor: www.qm-zentrumkreuzberg.de
Soldiner Straße: www.deinkiez.de
Reuterplatz: www.reuter-quartier.de
Wrangelstraße: www.quartiersmanagement-wrangelkiez.de
Ackerstraße: www.stm-ackerstrasse.de