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Our strategy: Expertise and experience

mpr consults small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurs since 1994. We rely on a supportive counseling and want to enable you to use the available resources in the best possible way for the future of your company.

Our team consists of two experienced partners: Ute Grossmann and Eberhard Mutscheller. We work with the principle of systemic theory. We are able to conduct the consultancy both individually or as a team, depending on what you wish for.

Ute GroßmannUte Großmann
Diplom-Volkswirtin. Langjährige Erfahrung als Vorstandsmitglied und Finanzverantwortliche in Frauenprojekten. Aufsichtsrätin einer Genossenschaft. Vorstand des RKW Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.

Eberhard MutschellerEberhard Mutscheller
Sozialwissenschaftler. Tätigkeit als Organisationsreferent, Projektleiter und Geschäftsführer. Jahrelange Vorstandstätigkeit in Verbänden auf Bundes- und Landesebene, u. a. Vorstand des Vereins Lokales Netzwerk Existenzgründung e.V. – LONEX

Ina RathfelderIna Rathfelder
Dipl.-Pädagogin und Beraterin. Erfahren in Moderation, Prozessbegleitung und Beratung auch
in schwierigen Konstellationen. Vorstand Clever – Internationale Bildung e.V.

Dr. Sven HenschelDr. Sven Henschel
Wirtschaftsgeograph. Berater, Projektentwickler und Gutachter auf den Gebieten der aktiven Standortentwicklung und Wirtschaftsförderung für Unternehmen aus dem Dienstleistungsbereich, sowie kommunale Auftraggeber.

Our method: Systemic Consulting

mpr uses the systemic consulting strategy. This integrates – in contrast to the classical consulting – everything that has an impact on the company’s internal and external conditions. Systemic consulting helps you to identify problems and weaknesses, to understand and to develop sustainable solutions.
It is aimed to expand your knowledge and performance skills since these contribute significantly to a long-term success.

We cooperate: with exclusively selected partners

RKW Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.: www.rkw-bb.de
Lokales Netzwerk Existenzgründung Berlin e.V. – LONEX: www.lonex-berlin.de
Alexander Bredereck, Rechtsanwalt: www.recht-bw.de
Horizonte Steuerberatungs GmbH, Georg Seitz

Engagement: voluntary sustainable

We engage by advising associations and NGOs for special conditions and we are also volunteers in management and supervisory boards.

From our consultant practice, we know that an early study of the opportunities and risks of management is very important. Therefore, mpr invests financial and voluntary resources in the development of the educational project – Project week business start up with school pupils – for young people.

We pay attention to our everyday operation on sustainability and use eco-certified office supplies and certified organic drinks and we also come to meetings by bicycle or public transport.